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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Science of Science

I love science. It fascinates me, continually pointing to truths tho never illuminating. The spiritual does this. And because I have such regard for the derivative understandings of existence science provides, I have little regard for those who close its books and make it their religion of hostility to everything science isn't. In a way, their belief system is a sacrilege to the pure motives of science. Take a look at all the science news; it is a cavalcade of discoveries, a process of learning, not just 'knowing'. And in its fabulous discoveries are discoveries of its errors. In deed, the history of science is rife with mistakes and its landscape littered with the bones of martyrs for its corrections. It would be well to see its landscape littered with the bones of those who continually attempt to make science an iconoclastic ideology.

1 comment:

Rooju said...

I wish there were more people who thought like that! The world would probably make more sense.