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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Chicago Education

To pay more money for education is like giving more whiskey to an alcoholic. If the City of Chicago, for example, paid each teacher a million dollars a year, the quality of education would not improve. Purchasing all the latest technology would not make the students learn more, better, or faster. It's about the PARENTS! Their involvement - and their enforcement of time devoted to study and school work to be done. In every culture this is true. Without exception - except the United States? Pay parents a million dollars for each of their kids getting straight A's under a revamped and tougher academic curriculum and you will see miracles.

Monday, June 30, 2014

The Gap

There is an ever widening gap between the normalcy of everyday children and adults and the psychometrics of aberrance and deviancy found in the American ruling class.

Remedy as Weapon

Liberals' ideology isn't a remedy for human life, it's a weapon against it.

A President

A president is a citizen, first and last. As a result, as a president, the citizen receives what is due any citizen: social courtesy and contempt if contempt is earned or respect if respect is earned. This isn't the Middle Ages where nobility no matter the rank was given respect worthy or not. A president is a citizen among citizen peers elected into office to perform the role's responsibilities described in the Constitution, and when the term of that role concludes to resume whatever role performed before or any role to be chosen. The president is just a citizen and is always just a citizen. 

Who Is My Neighbor?

Who is my neighbor? Those within the distance of my means. 


We are being sold with our own money. 

Racing to Worse

Current Democrat Liberals have provided proof that when it comes to being bad or evil the only 'race' that matters is who can be worse. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Kindly Manner or Private Note

It's always interesting to see an online clinic, rant, or derision regarding someone's grammar. A kindly manner or private note would demonstrate a quality of character that lends and mends knowledge short or in error in another, and not like those with a deficiency in esteem or ego backfilled at the public expense of another.

Like a great logician once said, grammar will never belong to the full array of reasoning.

Left Darwin

There you have it. Liberal gender governance and management by social statistics. Imagine applying this to areas of talent. Let's say sports. Gender integrated basketball teams where everyone makes the same amount of money. And the arts! There would be the same number of potters, for instance, for each gender with equal gallery showings and, of course, sales and earnings (the public be damned). Ah, and scientists are a gender ratio problem, too. Equal gender distribution with equal pay. No deviation!

What's very queer about Liberal thinking is that it fawns so much over Darwin then rudely ignores him in public practice.


The problem isn't that a rat runs for public office telling voters it's a gerbil. Voters see it's a rat, agree it's a gerbil, and vote it into office to eventually discover to their horror it's a rat.


You can go buy a door at Home Depot, hang it from a tree, sit on one side and wait for opportunity to knock - or become and make what draws people who are opportunity. 

Two Types of Good People

If gardeners behaved like many good people do, gardens would be mostly weeds. Thank God there's another type of good people.


Voting has two attributes. One is that its a free action, the other is that it's non-retractable. The performance of a vote is an individual's life (what ever the array of motives, values, assessments, judgments and prejudices (all humans have prejudices), etc) for an individual to represent them. 


Grammar is not genius; understanding intent and meaning is.


Liberalism: a state of mind liberated from reason and memory.


There are those who keep warm by sitting under a star, and those by sitting by the fire. The wise will understand this.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ego Deforms

Intelligence has no ego so never let ego be involved in your dealings with those with views deformed from their own.