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Friday, December 21, 2007

Thinking Outside the Box

His chatter was increasingly annoying, and her patience was eroding fast. When Fred congratulated himself for 'thinking outside the box', she winced, and snapped, 'The only people that need to think outside the box are blockheads.'
. . . . .


Travis Morgan said...

If you try to think outside the box,
you are stepping into another.
There is no inside,
or outside,
nor box.

.ink. said...

Exactly. very, very well written, Travis. 'Trying' to think inside the box would keep us blind, and trap our thoughts. We would be both jailor and jailed.

At its simplest, the beauty of thought is its openness, freely ranging and exploring, and seeing things and ourselves and associations in the context of the dynamic field of existence. In this, thinking and its consort knowledge together are power.