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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Be Free and at Peace

The old man was asked, "How can I be at peace and free in this world?"
The old man answered, "When an object moves, does space move, too?"
"I see objects move."
"Do you see space move?"
"Be as space, and as space, what is there is not you. Be free and at peace."


Monday Morning Power said...

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Anonymous said...

Neat! Is that a koan?

footiam said...

This is wise! Interesting post but I don't like the dark background. I like the girl though! Maybe, we should exchange links with my http://steptpg.blogspot.com.

.ink. said...

I wrote it about one hour before publishing, altho it is in keeping with other thoughts I have had for a number of years.

I know very, very little about Buddhism or Zen Buddhism, and only know one koan, so I can't say if it matches a koan or not.

Interesting you think it was a koan: when I was in Asia buddhists think I think and act like a buddhist, and muslims think I think and act like a muslim. I've never been to India so I don't know what the hindu would think :-)

By the way, there is one post further down on the only koan I know.

Monday Morning Power said...

You have been TAGGED. This one is fun and easy. http://mondaymorningpower.blogspot.com/2007/12/7-weird-things-about-me-tag.html
I would love to see your psot on this!!!

Mauro C. said...

Hi there... I gave one Inspiring Great Blog Award 2007 in 1 Million Love Messages :)

You can grab it here: http://www.1millionlovemessages.com/2007/12/inspiring-great-blog-award-2007.html

Have a Happy 2008

Chelle B. said...

That was very beautiful, I'm carrying this into the new year with me. :)

.ink. said...

Chelle b. I am honored. :-) .Ink.