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Thursday, April 5, 2007

answers to a prayer

[a true story]

There was once a man deeply troubled in love who earnestly asked Heaven to send him the highest angel to help. Then one night an angel came. ¨I am he¨, the angel said. The angel showed this man a vision ~ among others so real ~ of a young man and woman seated at table writing. Standing over them were another young man and woman watching. The angel said, ¨Do as you see. With the woman you love, write all the things you each privately and publicly want and need. Have with you others who know you both. They will insure nothing is left out.¨ Embarrassed, this man asked, ¨Even our most intimate wants and needs?¨ ¨Yes,¨ replied the angel, ¨Then exchange your writings.¨
. . . . .

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