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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

a eulogy in his own words

'The world has changed. There are few occupations that exist in this day requiring men of the old order. Few jobs still require the raw muscular strength and fear-facing grit that manhood is capable. Sinews of muscle, grunts, and sweat have given way to imperceptible breathing, légèreté on levers, buttons and keyboards, and soothing wisps of refrigerated air.

Firefighters are a remnant of that old order which few want to, or are able to, emulate. These men fight with pike axes, plaster hooks, halagan tools, ladders, hoses, pipes and water against one of the most destructive forces in nature.

But these men aren't defined by their occupation. Their life-risking deeds define their occupation. I know this from observing these men. I know it from experience. I was once one of them.'
. . . . .


Jack Payne said...

I learned the value of the Fire Fighter first hand, when, in 1999 a raging fire threatened to wipe out my Northern California mountain home. A frantic battle developed between the flames and their oppressors. The valiant oppressors won.

.ink. said...

Great thanks for this, Jack, and recognizing these valiant professionals putting themselves on the line to save lives and property...