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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

a choice before you go

An angel suddenly appeared to a man in the middle of the night and declared, "Death is immanent. Choose now before you die: repent or forgive." Gripped with astonishment then slowly resigned to an inevitable fate, the man considered his common humanity and replied to the angel, "I forgive all who sinned against me." "Well chosen," replied the angel, "for there is repentance in it."


Anonymous said...

there is an angel before angel and it says: "It is not to forgive to those who have sinned against you-because this forgivness is for you, not yourself--instedad forgiving yourself what you have done wrong against you...knowing that when you sin against youself, you have sinned against every other beeing here, or elswere ih the universe-because we are all one."

.Ink. said...

When we forgive others, it is for them and us.

When we forgive ourselves it is because we know we have not just made a 'mistake' but have performed a great wrong. In foregiving ourself, we move past self-judgement to remedy, correction, and change of attitude, principle and behaviour. Our self-foregiveness implies a contract with ourself - that we will behave radically different, and in other related ways with others, also ('because we are all one').