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Saturday, September 2, 2006

rock in the goose down pillow

The corporation had been too long in grave financial trouble. Eventually the board did what it must do and sacked the CEO.

After scouring for the best candidate they could find, the board hired a new CEO. The new CEO was a soft spoken, pleasant man, who, with a number of changes, quickly made his mark in the C-suite. One change was a highly progressive open door policy, where anyone in the company was welcome to speak with him in his office.

But it wouldn't be long before the entire company was abuzz about one conspicuous item in the CEO's office.

Hanging on the wall behind his desk was a very, very large, beautifully framed, magnificently designed graphic that read:

In controversial moments
My judgements rather fine,
I always see both points of view,
The one that's wrong and mine.

. . . . .

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